Consulting Client Comments

What a great (and exhausting) experience it was to participate in the RPI exercise.  I highly recommend we identify other functions to use RPI on.

I am so glad we went through this exercise and feel validated by all of the items discussed and presented.  They dynamics of the group was terrific, and we all fed off each other very well.

I know that we produced a document that will serve us well in our quest to change how we do things around here.  Bill will have a pretty good map to show the groups we'll assemble to make the recommended changes.

I thought Ron did an excellent job in coordinating, facilitating, and actively listening.

When I was initially asked to participate, I groaned a little wondering what the value would be given the time commitment.  I can say I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  It was very good to get to work with folks that I normally would not get to and build some relationships.  They're a great group of people.  Although it was a lot of work I came away with the feeling that the time was productive and the results will be used positively.

I absolutely believe that the results we receive from the annual employee survey has helped us become the successful company we are.  That information is invaluable in shaping what we attend to as management, leading to employee engagement levels that we could not previously achieve.

Thank you for the coaching you have given me.  You listened well, you pushed me hard, and you helped me see what the options were.  

Ron Sarazin is AMAZING!  He’s been working with our company for 8 years in a variety of consultative roles.  He’s worked with several of our executives and with our management team.  He also facilitates our annual employee climate assessment.  

We have worked with Ron for several years at this company and I had the opportunity to work with Ron for a couple of years before that.  He consistently nails our needs.  

We used Ron for a key note presentation to our executive staff several years ago. We then had him address the entire staff and now we simply keep bringing him in to facilitate retreats, help us get past rough patches in our strategies, and help us work our team issues.  Everyone here appreciates his approach and feels comfortable working through issues with him as a guide.  Some of us secretly call him "Father Ron."

Ron provided customer service training for several of our departments.  We liked him so well we had him address our franchisees at our annual meeting as the key note speaker.  We then engaged Ron to help us make all that training real...providing consulting and feedback.

I am committed to providing the best in client service. We offer professional and friendly assistance to our clients for whatever they may need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one client after the other. Don't just take our word for it - read through a sample of testimonials!

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Course Participant's Comments

I love how knowledgeable the instructor (Ron) is. He is able to continually draw from personal experiences to help illustrate concepts and always asks questions that drive critical thinking. Ron is also very good at ensuring students share their experiences so we can attribute lessons learned to real life applications and then discuss as a group. He is a captivating storyteller and keeps you on your toes through the entire course. I highly value every single second I was able to learn from Ron - he is a fantastic instructor.

I enjoyed all of the topics covered in the class.  I really enjoyed Ron’s energy and the pace at which he taught the class.  I particularly enjoyed the agile topic discussion as my organization is moving towards adopting the agile methodology

Ron was engaging and had great stories to back up the course material.

Ron knew the material; used good references.

Variety of real-world examples and stories presented and how they apply to the PMBOK.

Ron was really good.

I liked the discussion of different tools.

I learned a lot about how much I don’t know.  I liked Ron’s style, energy, effectiveness in teaching, and motivating knowledge.

Kept my attention, good mix of theory and real stories.

Great examples, great tools.

Ron helped our learning by encouraging interactive discussions we could relate to and apply to our working environment.

Pace was perfect; appreciated the book.

You (Ron) provided me a laptop with software loaded.

Hands-on demonstrations and examples were great.  Small group discussions.

I liked the management techniques learned, the in-class interactions and the take homes we were given in order to actually utilize what we learned while at work.

I enjoyed the group activities and thought they were well-paced throughout the day to break up the tedium of an 8-hour class.  The homework was relevant to the coursework, but also very interesting.  I thought Ron did a great job of keeping us all engaged by involving us in the lecture.

I appreciated Ron’s energy.  The information presented was excellent, and I’m sure it will aid in my goal to become PMP certified.

I liked the instructor's personal insight and experience with the concepts he was teaching.

A lot of knowledge from Ron.

Sample tools and the energy and experience of the instructor were great.

Great 1:1 and knowledgeable instructor.

Good basic introduction delivered by a knowledgeable and motivated instructor.

The content was good; nicely laid out.

Cool stories and experiences that were shared.

High energy of Ron and his direct application to real world scenarios.

I liked that we applied many of the concepts with a concrete example of creating a new Starbucks store.  Gave us a chance to really see things in action.

I really enjoyed the hands-on activities that we all did that were so applicable to the workplace.

I especially enjoyed all the insights into self-awareness and interpersonal skills development.

The instructor for this program was absolutely the best!  I loved having him - he had a lot of energy, great experiences, communicated well and kept everyone engaged.  I would definitely take another class with Ron!

I think the instructor was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic.  Great Job Thank You!

I am recommending this course to several individuals.  Thank you for this opportunity!

Ron did an excellent job presenting the material and pacing the class.

Ron was very professional, well informed instructor who covered just the right amount of material.

Instructor was excellent, good pace, great at answering questions, making us apply it to PDC.

Ron is a great instructor - knowledgeable, good energy, trustworthy (believable).

Great job.  Thanks for breaking up the class content with interactive class / group exercises.