Olympic Performance, Inc services are provided with the intention of creating immediate value as well as setting the foundation for long term results.

Services include:

Visual Management:  Do Less, Accomplish More™

Do you have too much work?  Not enough results?  Constantly changing needs?  
Missed deadlines?  How about your organization?  Do Less, Accomplish More™
​might be just what you need.  It applies the principles of visual management, agile, and Kanban to make work .... work!

Strategic Planning

Do you know where you are going and how you will get there?  How about your organization?

Executive Coaching

Are you able to generate the results the organization needs in a sustained way - and enjoy the journey?

Project Management

Are results on time, within budget, and accomplishing what was intended?

Time Management

Do you know what it takes to manage your time so you can get great results AND spend less time doing so?

Business Analysis

Is your organization fact-driven or guess-driven?  It is okay to be guess-driven when the flying is easy, but when the storm hits, you had better have the radar and altimeter working.

Process Improvement

Are your processes cost effective?  Apply the principles of Lean to radically improvement performance.

Customer Service

Do your customers experience your organization more positively than they experience your competition?

Employee Surveys

Are your employees fully engaged so they give the organization their best effort?


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