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Good execution is hard to achieve.  It takes far more than just planning to get results.  Common sense is often not enough nor even right.  Understanding and applying a few concepts based on the nature of work is a key to success.

Do Less, Accomplish More™ Consulting

As you begin to apply the principles of Do Less, Accomplish More™, you might need a helping guide.  I can provide that support through a combination of short workshops, video conferencing, phone conversations, and artifact (document) reviews.  I can ask the hard questions, help you see what you might be missing, recommend alternatives for the path forward, and give your team a facilitated forum to evaluate progress and remove obstacles.  Typically working on retainer for several months, I will be available for immediate answers to your questions, provide periodic review sessions and problem solving questions, and act as an extension of your management team with total focus on helping adoption of the Do Less, Accomplish More™ principles.

Do Less, Accomplish More™ Keynote presentation
45 minutes to 2 hours

Description:  How do you get your organization to be able to do twice as much in half the time?  The answer is by visualizing your work, prioritizing it, limiting work in process, and managing flow.  I will demonstrate how doing too many things at once simply clogs the system and causes lots of lost time and frustration, in addition to lost productivity by requiring frequent switching from thing to thing.  Through examples and humor, I will show how to apply simple tools and teamwork that can have incredible impact.  Bring a pencil and paper so you can participate in a couple of hand-on exercises that demonstrate why our typical way of managing work is wrong!

Do Less, Accomplish More™ Executive Overview
3 contact hours (delivered as a half-day session)

This course provides an executive overview of the concepts and applications required to accomplish more.  It emphasizes the role of the executive on prioritizing work, the use of visual management for managing work release and pacing, how to motivate and guide managers through as they adopt the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system, and what to do when things aren’t going as hoped.  The course provides enough information to help the busy executive understand why the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system works, but the primary focus is on how to make it work.

Do Less, Accomplish More™ Employee Introduction
6 contact hours (typically delivered as a one-day session)

This course focuses first on how employees can apply the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system to their own work and then how to participate as it is applied to the work of their department.  Full of hands-on learning opportunities, humor, interactive discussion and exploration, employees at all levels can fell comfortable and gain by attending.  Topics include:

  • Three kinds of work
  • The fallacy of “Multi-tasking”
  • Little’s Law and the reason things get done faster when fewer things are active at the same time (the ‘penny flip challenge’)
  • How the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system provides feedback that keeps everyone on the same page and helps everyone learn.How to apply the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system to your personal management of time.
  • How to apply the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system to time management and day-to-day work ... and what to watch for.
  • How to apply the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system to projects you participate in ... and what to watch for.
  • How to apply the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system to processes you work on ... and what to watch for.

Do Less, Accomplish More™ Manager Training
12 contact hours (typically delivered as a two-day session)

This course helps managers understand and apply the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system in their workplace.  It covers everything that is covered in the Do Less, Accomplish More™ Employee Introduction class and goes on to help the manager move from how they are managing now to how they can adopt the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system. 

At the end of the session, attending managers will understand the principles and applications of the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system and be prepared to work with employees as they adopt and adapt it to their environment.  Managers will explore the basics (prioritizing, gating, visualizing, maximizing flow, minimizing hand offs, continually learning and improving) and have the opportunity to explore how to overcome barriers in their organization.

Attendees must be in a position of managing others in order to attend.

Do Less, Accomplish More™ Train-the-Trainer
18 contact hours (typically delivered as a three-day session

The Train-the-Trainer course covers everything in the other
Do Less, Accomplish More™ courses and prepares the
participant to be able to teach / facilitate any of them.  It
additionally provides both a historical background on how work
​management has been approached over the years, leading up
to  the Do Less, Accomplish More™ system, and a more
in-depth exploration of the science behind the principles. 
Recommendations for how to teach each of the
Do Less, Accomplish More™ system courses are provided,
along with a review of the material included and emphasized in
each course.  Participants end the session by demonstrating
​how they will teach a portion of the material and receiving feedback from the instructor and class participants.

ideally participants will have a background in Industrial Engineering, Business Analysis, Project Management, Lean, or Agile.

Next Step

If you are interested in Do Less, Accomplish More™ consulting or training, please contact me.  I will be pleased to explore options and prepare a proposal, if appropriate.  

Do Less, Accomplish More™

Are you or you organization experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Too much work
  • Too many emails and meetings
  • Not enough results
  • Changing needs
  • Frustration
  • Rework
  • Missed Deadlines
  • Lots of time trying to figure out status

These are all symptoms of modern day failure to properly manage work.  Most of us have not been trained to ‘see’ how work moves, swirls, gets stuck in eddys, and flows much like water in a stream.  I have spent most of my career curious about how work gets done, what gets in the way, and how to get more of the right things DONE!  I can help you remove the symptoms listed above.