Ron Sarazin

In 1991 I formed Olympic Performance, Inc. (OPI) to provide consulting and training to help organizations achieve top level performance.  I frequently work with Portland State University, PlanB, and consultants, trainers, and educational institutions to deliver full solution services.

I work closely with my clients, keeping them in charge, informed, and pleased with the result.  I work hard to maintain relationships over long periods.  I know that the best results come when I know your organization well and your trust in me is high.

Who is Olympic Performance, Inc.?

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Forward Thinking

Research and experience result in recommendations that push the envelope, but are practical.

Sensible Solutions

You will receive practical and easy solutions for your business.

what will make your company successful?

Total Client Focus

I help clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success. 

Beyond The Box

I will work hard to deliver innovative solutions that lead to outstanding results.